MYSQL Database Command

Hello friends, in today’s post, how to create mysql (MYSQL Database Command) database and what operations can be performed in the database, so let’s see.

MySQL create database Statement

If we want to create database then we mysql create database , it is very easy process and the create databases statement is used to create the new SQL database.

list of all database command

Now tell me the syntax

Create database database_name;

Where database_name that means we given any name ,which want to create database;

Create database example

We look through the example to create any database name like

The following SQL Statement to create a database called “fullstackgyan”;


Create database fullstackgyan;

Where see fullstackgyan is the name of the database;

How to see list of all databases

If you want that how many database create in mysql then we run to the command of that any terminal or mysql application . we can see . because every different platform we can see same result. only change UI

Database list

The following SQL command to show list of the databases

Show databases;

Drop Database

If you want to drop any database then the drop database statement is used to drop an existing to the SQL Database .

You can see the syntax

Drop Database database_name;

For example

The following of the SQL Statement drops the existing to the database “persons”

Then the see the commands

Drop Database persons;

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