what is full Form of HTML?

Hello friends, in today’s post, we are starting you about HTML(full form of html), what happens. How does the key work, so today you should tell about HTML.

This is the best website to learn HTML, which is in Hindi, I have been using it for many days, I have got a lot of benefit from it, you can also read it from here.

Introduction to HTML

What is HTML?

  • HTML is the standard markup language for creating web pages.HTML stands for: Hyper Text Markup Language
  • HTML describes the structure of the webpage
  • HTML consists of a series of elements
  • HTML elements are the way to display content to the browser
  • HTML elements are represented by tags
  • HTML tags are labels for content such as “heading”, “paragraph”, “table”, etc.
  • Browsers do not display HTML tags, but use them to render the content of the page.

Simple HTML Document


Page Title

my first heading is

My first paragraph is .

Example Explained
defines the declaration document to be HTML5
element is the root element of HTML page
The element contains the meta information of the document.
The element specifies the title for the document.<br /> The <body> element contains the visible part of the page<br /> The <h1> element represents the largest heading.<br /> <p> element is used for paragraph<br /> HTML Tags<br /> HTML tags are the names of elements that are surrounded by angle brackets:</p> <p><tag name>Content will be here…</tag name></p> <p>HTML tags usually come in pairs like </p> <p> and </p> <p>The first tag in the pair is called the start tag, and the second tag is called the end tag.<br /> The end tag is written as the start tag, but a forward slash is placed before the tag name.<br /> Tip: Start tag opening tag, and end tag is also called closing tag.</p> <p>Web browsers<br /> The purpose of the web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) is to read and display HTML documents.</p> <p>The browser does not display HTML tags, but uses them to determine how to display the document:</p> <p>HTML Page Structure<br /> You can estimate the HTML page structure from the structure given below:</p> <p><html><br /> <head> <title>Page title

This is the heading

This is a paragraph.

This is another paragraph.

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Note: Only the content inside the section (white area displayed above) is displayed in the browser.

The declaration displays the document type, and helps browsers display web pages correctly.

It should only be written once at the top, (before any HTML tags).

The declaration is not case sensitive (A or a are the same).

For HTML5 declaration:

HTML Versions
Since the early days of the web, there have been several versions of HTML:

Version Year
HTML 1991
HTML 2.0 1995
HTML 3.2 1997
HTML 4.01 1999
XHTML 2000
HTML5 2014

reference- https://javahindi.com/2020/10/08/html-full-form-in-hindi/

full form of html

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