what is Bootstrap? This is 1st

Hello friends, in today’s post we are going to tell you about bootstrap, what happens, how it works, what can we make through this language and if we know a lot, then we should start.

what is Bootstrap ?

If we talk about bootstrap, then bootstrap is an open source which is a framework of JavaScript, bootstrap is fast and it is also easy for web development because it uses html, css and JavaScript bootstrap by Twitter Team It was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton.

This bootstrap was released as an open source project on GitHub in August 2011. Bootstrap is used more to make any website responsive because it has pre-defined classes of bootstrap.

what is the responsive website ?

If we talk about responsive word then responsive website means that it is meant for a web design which adopts for any screen size, so using bootstrap on mobile is as easy as tablet or desktop. on |

The website created by this designing loincloth is more attractive and fast, which is why almost all types of websites are being built on bootstrap these days.

If you are interested in website designing, then you have a very important JavaScript framework for any web designer which is bootstrap which is used to design light weight and mobile friendly websites.

What is the future of bootstrap?

Do you want to become a successful web developer, then if we talk about the future of bootstrap, then if we want to make your website responsive, then learning bootstrap will be very important for you, if you learn bootstrap then it can be used in website designing and development. Is

History of bootstrap

Bootstrap was developed by Twitter company’s Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton along with their team. Initially it was named Twitter Blueprint because they wanted to use it for Twitter but later they changed it on August 19, 2011. released as an open source project on github under the name bootstrap

This framework can be used on any website for free of cost.

Although there are many such frameworks available but bootstrap is one of the most popular and most widely used framework among them.

Today developers from all over the world, any website is used to design a responsive website.

bootstrap is made with the help of html css and JavaScript, bootstrap provides you many things in which forms, buttons, tables, navigation, model, jumboTron, dropdown menu , slider , header , footer etc. can be easily created in it.

Bootstrap developers have created html elements which can be made responsive and stylish by giving css classes and using JavaScript’s and hence does not require much work, you have to use only those built-in components

feature of bootstrap

1.open source: The best thing about bootstrap is that it is open source which you can use it for free of cost.

2. Easy to use: If you understand the basic of html and css, then you can easily understand bootstrap and you can easily create a website using the components of bootstrap, only copy and paste in it. That is, in its official website, everyone’s code is given and its classes are pre-defined.

3.responsive: The main purpose behind creating bootstrap was that people can easily develop a good website with the help of it, you can easily create a responsive website through bootstrap, the website you created from bootstrap destop, It will be easily open in laptop, tablet, and mobile etc. And the website created with bootstrap also becomes responsive.

4.Browser compatiblity: Bootstrap is designed in such a way that it supports almost all modern web browsers like google, chrome, mozilla firefox, internet explorer, opera etc.

5. Customizable: If you want to change the in-built style of bootstrap, then you can change it easily, for this you have to write your own css code and overwrite the bootstrap code

6.save time: In the framework bootstrap of JavaScript, you get ready-made code, which you can use only in the right place, so you have to change something, which does not require much coding, you have to use more html and css. is not required and you also save a lot of time

7. Support : Bootstrap is updated from time to time and in each update very new pre-defined classes are provided for the users Currently 5 version of bootstrap is running

what is bootstrap


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